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Fenrir has a couple of types of creatures she can summon to do the job of draining leafe for her. Leafe is pretty much life energy or the energy that allows something to sustain life. Since she requires it to fuel her powers and also to maintain a physical form and continue living, she will nearly always have one doing something for her.

At any point in time she will have between one and five creatures present in Empatheias. Most will stay within Verens because that is going to be the best source for her with all the people around.

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Player: Nadia
Contact: [personal profile] ladynadiad
Age: 36
Current Characters: Creed Graphite


Character: Fenrir, the Princess of Disaster (formerly Takako)
Age: Technically about 32, actually is still 16 but looks 20ish.
Canon: Pretear (anime)
Canon Point: Episode 12, just after Mawata is freed from the Tree of Fenrir but before the tree goes nuts and Sasame is killed.

Background: Have a wiki link If more is needed let me know.


A very short and succinct way to describe Fenrir would be the words "sadistic bitch". Why? Because it's true. She is hideously negative and the only delight she seems to gain now is from the misery of others. She loves to slowly torment and make others suffer. What she really wants is for others to understand just how miserable she really is so that she's not alone in her pain.

What it all boils down to is that deep down Fenrir is just a lonely and depressed girl who used to be a human named Takako. That lonely girl just happened to have some special abilities and got a taste of feeling like she belonged and wasn't alone and when that was taken away from her she couldn't bear it and her powers turned in the opposite direction towards being negative and her personality is highly affected by this change. Deep down, she doesn't want to be a demon named Fenrir, but she feels she can't go back and she's still downright miserable and alone. She has a lot of problems trusting now because she feels she was used and thrown away when no longer needed. Even once Sasame admits he loves her and has always loved her, she questions this because she thinks he's toying with her and using that as a chance to kill her. At first she actually uses his love for her to suit her plans.

As it stands now, what she feels is that the world sucks because people like her can be miserable and alone and get hurt and that a world that allows such a thing to happen would be better off not existing. Her end goal is to use the Great Tree of Fenrir to bring the world to an end by removing all the Leafe from it. Dead people can't get hurt, after all. She will definitely be very antagonistic upon arrival especially because her plan had been foiled and she's feeling large amounts of despair that she's still alone and no one understands her. She is redeemable, however, and even does redeem herself in canon. To do this she'd have to be able to trust in someone and want to change herself for the better and have to realize that yes, she can go back to what she was.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that Fenrir hides her feelings of misery very well in canon. Of course she won't be able to hide them as well when they show so openly but she does do well at making it seem like she's happy and confident and not a shy and scared human that she is deep down. If she is asked about her feelings, that can break her apparent confidence quickly.


Before I get into her abilities it is best to understand the overall basis of them. In Pretear there is something called Leafe. Leafe is pretty much life energy. Anything that is alive or capable of sustaining life will have Leafe. When something has its Leafe drained, the effects will vary depending on what it is. A person who has lost Leafe will feel tired and eventually lose consciousness and if severe enough they can die. A plant would show signs of withering and even blacken. Stuff like water and soil may change in appearance to a degree, but anything living within it would also be affected, so a lake with no Leafe would have a bunch of dead fish and plants in it. A person can recover from having Leafe drained in two easy methods, defeat the creature that drained it, or rest.

All of Fenrir's abilities stem from the ability to manipulate and drain Leafe. She can summon various creatures to use to drain it, called demon larva and also familiars, and then use it to harm people. Many of her powers look something like magic, but are blue, black or purple in color.

She also has the capability to change her appearance to a degree. It is limited because she can't change her hair and eye color and the overall shape of her face. She can change her hair, clothing, and even height. She also can drain Leafe via her hair and uses it as a weapon. She doesn't have an outright weapon of her own, but her nails are quite sharp. While she is technically a demon, as far as the ability to injure her, any magical attacks work well. She has no healing capabilities, to heal from wounds she'd need to drain more Leafe.

She also can teleport and send projections of herself to do things, though said projections definitely look demonic with their purple skin and lack of facial features besides eyes, and she can be harmed through them. She also has the ability to fly.

Her powers are pretty overwhelming, so to be fair I'll keep it a limit of no more than 5 demon larva or familiars doing anything at once and no killing outright of any people (animals and plants are fair game). In canon they can only be defeated by the Pretear after they evolve to a certain point, I'll change that to be anything of a magical nature can hurt them, whether it is magic or a weapon that is magical. Seeing the cores will be tricky for the larvas, but I'll make it so any magical girl can see them while transformed, otherwise magic used to find enemy weaknesses will work. All someone has to do is damage the core and the larva dies. The familiars are a bit harder to kill because they are fast, but any magical attacks will have an effect on them.

One thing worth mention though it probably won't happen here because of the massive requirement, she can create an object called the Great Tree of Fenrir. This tree can drain Leafe in massive quantities and is her tool for destroying the world. To be able to create this though, she has to find a human who is so depressed that they have to be so sunken into the pits of despair that they would rather die than continue with their miserable and lonely life and no longer have any attachment to living, pretty much in a state of mind where they are suicidal and nothing is holding them back from attempting it. Since that is very unlikely it should never happen, but if it does of course would definitely be getting the mods involved.

Lastly, she does require Leafe to maintain a physical form as she is now which means she'll need at least one demon larva or familiar gathering Leafe for her at all times, typically it will be a familiar since they are less threatening looking and more subtle in their effects. They look like dark purple butterflies and are harmless if not bothered, if someone tries to do anything to it it does have a means of defense and will attack by trying to bite and they do have huge teeth and look quite monstrous (I wouldn't be surprised if this is made into a task for someone to exterminate these monster butterflies). If one is near someone while they sleep they can end up with nightmares and Fenrir can even project nightmares to people through the familiars and see what they can see. Also due to that she has no need for food, water or sleep.

All this is very dependent on her still wishing to destroy the world. If she actually can trust in someone and sincerely not wish to destroy, she'll become a human again. Canon implies she'll still have powers, but not as immense as she has as Fenrir. She'd still be able to manipulate Leafe on a smaller scale.

Alignment: Aiada. Fenrir really could be justified for almost any of them because she's just a bucket of negative emotions in general so this was really a very hard choice. I ended up picking Aiada because in many of Fenrir's worst moments, she's acting out of jealousy that someone else has people who care about them and love them and she doesn't.

And I'll admit, I narrowed it down by looking at the spreadsheet and picking who had the least number of characters at that time. It really was that hard to pick because they all could fit for her and all I knew was that I didn't want two aligned with Elios.

Other: Nothing else to add!



Test drive thread here

Questions: Don't have any at this time.


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